Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I can feel your heart touching tear,

I can feel your heart touching tear,
But you don’t know… how am i …. without you… my dear,

I want to touch to the top of sky,
But without your support... i can’t fly high,

Without you whenever I think what I have,
Just imagine my life without you… how much I cry,

You love me or not… Oh..h..h my dear,
But live in my life until I here,

Without you whenever I walk on the road,
I feel my life is going just like a robot,

I have feelings a lot’s for you my lover,
Please come back in my life with lot’s of pleasure.

~I am missing you from when u have going away from my life my love~

Written By- Roshan Dhar Dubey,
Written Date & Time 6 December 2011 (Noon 12:50 PM)

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